It is important to choose the right lens color for your activity and environment. Each lens color have different functionality and your choice of the lens colors affect how much light reaches your eyes, how well you see other colors and contrasts. A well-chosen lens color can greatly enhance your vision and activity performance.

Grey Lens

Good for everyday and high lighting conditions. Grey lens helps to sharpen colors and transmit all objects colors evenly and provide near-natural vision. It is largely use for daily activities and also deep water fishing as it helps to enhance your vision of the fish through the water. It is suitable for most outdoor activities and is a well-liked choice as an all-purpose lens colors. 

Brown Lens

Good for a wide variety of light conditions, helps cut down on blue rays and a comfortable color to wear. This lens color is great for driving as it helps to enhance your view of the road and good for shallow-water fishing as it improves contrast and depth perception. Light brown lenses is good for overcast days and recommended for golfers too.

Green Lens

Good for varying light conditions and a popular color choice for golf, tennis, driving and quite an all-purpose color as it has minimum color distortions and maintains true color. A great choice especially for tennis/golf players because the color brings out the background of the environment and enhance the contrast with the yellow ball. It is also the great choice for activities in the greeneries. The human eye is comfortable with green and works well with it. 

Mirror Lens

Good for high lighting conditions. Mirror lens have a reflective film applied to the exterior surfaces of the lenses and reduce glare by reflecting the light that hits its lens surface. Darker mirror coatings may makes objects appear darker than they are. This lens colors also transmit all objects colors evenly and provide near-natural vision. They are largely use for outdoor activities. 

Yellow Lens / Amber Lens / Orange Lens

Good for hazy, overcast, foggy or cloudy days (moderate to low level light conditions). Also good for outdoor activities at dawn or dusk as these lens colors have the maximum light transmission and will make everything seem brighter. They are commonly used by golfers, shooters and hunters during moderate to low level light conditions for their contrast enhancement and excellent depth perception. Shooting glasses are usually yellow as it makes the targets more visible.

Clear Lens

Good for low level light conditions. It has no color distortions and maintains true color. Largely used by sportsmen for late afternoon, evening or night time outdoor activities like cycling and jogging. Also helps to keep out wind, dirt, dust, flies and any debris kicked up.