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It is important to choose the right lens color for your activity and environment.  Each lens color have different functionality and your choice of the lens colors affect how much light reaches your eyes, how well you see other colors and contrasts.  A well-chosen lens color can greatly enhance your vision and performance. 

Grey Lens

Good for everyday and high lighting conditions.  Grey lens helps to sharpen colors and transmit all objects colors evenly and provide near-natural vision.  It is largely use for deep water fishing as it helps to enhance your vision of the fish through the water and suitable for most outdoor activities and are a well-liked choice as an all-purpose lens colors.  

Sunglasses come in all shapes and designs.  While one size fits all might be true for some, we have been paying attention to the smallest details in designs and materials to produce sunglasses suitable for a specific activity such as sports, driving, work or leisure to best protect your eyes and long hours comfort wear. 

-  Good coverage design protects also the skin around the eyes, preventing UV rays from entering your eyes from the sides and cut down on wind that can dry out your eyes.  

-  Smooth nose pads on one piece framework.

Medium thickness temples with the gradual bend provides secure fit.

Data sheet

Lens Width approx 65mm
Bridge Width approx 13mm
Frame Width approx 140mm
Temple Length approx 132mm
Weight 90g
Style Ladies
Frame Material Lightweight Polycarbonate
Lens Properties Polarized with 100% UV Protection
Frame Color Onyx (Gloss Black)
Lens Color Grey

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